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  • Sweet Sensi CBD Fruit Chews 16 count Sweet Sensi CBD Fruit Chews 4 count

    CBD Fruit Chews

    INGREDIENTS: Organic gelatin, all natural fruit flavors, organic palm oil, organic sunflower lecithin, organic powdered sugar, organic tapioca syrup, organic citric acid, organic maltic acid, organic cane sugar, CBD rosin See Certificate of...

    $19.99 - $54.99
  • CBD Drops 30 count CBD Drops 15 count

    CBD Drops

    These gourmet pectin jellies each contain 8mg of CBD and sold in a pack of 30. INGREDIENTS: organic pectin, all-natural sodium citrate, all-natural citric acid, organic powdered sugar, organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, all-natural fruit flavors,...

    $24.99 - $49.99
  • CBD Snack of cranberry cashews.

    CBD Snack - Cranberry Cashew

    Contains 20mg of CBD per package. INGREDIENTS: organic dried cranberries, organic cashews, organic dried egg, pomegranate juice, vanilla extract, cane sugar, CBD rosin See Certificate of Analysis   **These products are not meant for consumption by...

3 of 3 Items